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Accessibility Notes: 2nd August 2011

Bits & Bobs about web accessibility.

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HTML5 Accessibility Chops: ARIA landmark support

The ARIA landmark roles can be used in HTML5 to markup regions of a page. Landmark roles add a new means to navigate page content for users of supporting assistive technology. They can be used on semantically neutral elements such… Continue Reading HTML5 Accessibility Chops: ARIA landmark support

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HTML5 Accessibility Chops: section elements

HTML5 introduces new section elements. The new elements include header, footer, section, article, nav and aside. What is the accessibility potential of these new elements for users of assistive technology such as screen readers?

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Using WAI ARIA Landmark Roles – updated

Refer to Using WAI-ARIA Landmarks – 2013 Ukranian translation of Using WAI-ARIA Landmarks 2011 by Vlad Brown.

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Apple Webkit Gets Serious About WAI-ARIA (on Mac)

A check of the support for WAI-ARIA roles in the latest Webkit Nightly builds, reveals a major improvement for WAI-ARIA role support on the Mac version of Webkit (an open source web browser engine), but the Windows version shows little… Continue Reading Apple Webkit Gets Serious About WAI-ARIA (on Mac)

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